Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Middle School projects were so creative!  I can't leave any of them out, so here is a photo gallery of all the projects
the Spring Recycle project is a self motivated project.  The students had 4 weeks to create anything out of primarily recycled materials.  As you can see, they have raised the bar for those who come in the future!  Grades 6-8 all are responsible for finding an inspiration, creating a project, and then presenting it to their classmates.  












So much talent!!  Can hardly wait to see what they do next 😄

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Recycle projects are due next week (April 1).  Here are some memories from last year's projects.  Some amazing designs and minds out there.  Remember to come to me if you need any help or materials from the art room.

cork art; tin can art; broken pots & solar light turned into a lighthouse!

Michael C. turned a cardboard box into a working PacMan machine!!

Laurel W. created the bear from recycled magazine pages!

Recycled LP clock!  WOW

I can't remember who created the 2 shadow boxes on the bottom, but they are made from recycled magazine pages...AMAZING!

water bottle chandelier; gun casings flag; bottle top Peace sign

Close up of the crab.  Fun fact:  Multiple people wanted to buy this piece from the artist!  The pineapple lamp also drew lots of attention.

tin can aquarium

close-up of the tin can mandala

I can hardly wait to see what amazing pieces show up next week!  Stay tuned for photos.

Monday, February 25, 2019

3D Drawing

I was thrilled with the bulk of my students and their creative Zentangle inspired crosses!  Here are a few examples of what they accomplished with the guidelines in the last blog post:

AMAZING!  Don't you think?  Frame worthy pieces of art ❤

Now for our next journal challenge: 3D drawing  The first 3 links show photos of project ideas.  The second 2 are YouTube how-to videos.  Students may copy one of these exactly or branch out on their own to create something totally different in the way of a 3D design drawing.  Designs may be in pencil, ink, color, or a combination of all.  The sky is the limit!  Google "3D drawing" and be amazed at the talent that is out there!
This journal project will be due 3/11 (of course journals are always welcome to be turned in early).  Have fun with this one.  I can hardly wait to see what pops off the page 😉

Friday, January 25, 2019

So excited with the continuous line drawings that my Middle school students created!  Here are a few examples that just "wowed" me.  Enjoy



For our next journal assignment we will head into the world of Zentangle.  I remember when my son would doodle on the edges of his papers in school and get into trouble for it.  Now the "doodling" has a name and it has become a recognized art form!

For this assignment students will start with a cross shape (this week starts Catholic Schools week, so the form was an easy "base" to begin with).  Parents: Instructions with a few idea links are posted below (Google or Pinterest is full of examples/ideas, beginner thru advanced levels). Students have 2 weeks for this assignment (due February 11), but may turn it into me any time between now and then.   

Journal assignment #2:  Zentangle cross

Create a large cross outline in your journal.  Divide it into sections (no fewer than 7 sections).  Choose a design for each section (no 2 sections may be the same).  Your design may be black and white or colored.  **For maximum impact in your design be sure to alternate light and dark areas**  Extra credit: Add a border around the cross! (this may be one continuous design or different designs). (love this one!  Step by step directions!)

Given the results of our first Journal assignment I can hardly wait to see what the students create with this one!  
edit:  I stumbled on one more site with more Zentangle info and patterns than I could pass by!  Good luck getting out of this one 😉

The Middle School projects were so creative!  I can't leave any of them out, so here is a photo gallery of all the projects the Sprin...