Friday, October 18, 2019

An online portfolio & fundraising tool

Be sure to go online to (Artsonia). Register using your child's code (check the permission slip coming home) and then prepare to see all of this year's artwork in one place.  What's really cool is that family & friends can also go online to see what your child has created no matter where in the world they may be!  

Imagine having all of your child's work, over multiple years, all in one place.  I am very excited to get this online portfolio started.  After you register your student, be sure to check out all of the merchandise that can be purchased using the artwork (I think my favorite may be the notecards).  20% of your purchase comes back to the school!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Global Monarch Awareness Project, pt. 2

I read 2 books with my 2nd and 4th-grade students: "Monarch Butterfly" by Gail Gibbons and "The Seeds of the Milkweed" by Second grade students from East End Elementary in Little Rock, Arkansas.  After reading the first book we discussed the stages in the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.  We also discussed why the Monarch might be in danger of being added to the Endangered Species list and what could be done to keep it from happening.  

The first step in the collages was to finger paint paper for the wings.  Students were given yellow, red, and orange finger paints to blend on their papers.  They were also encouraged to use unusual texture tools (bottle caps, tree gumballs, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, a wavy roller, and a leaf cookie cutter) to texture the painting (in the style of Eric Carle). Papers were set aside to dry until the next class.

The next class began with the reading of "The Seeds of the Milkweed".  We talked about symmetry in a butterfly's wings.  They were then given the choice of beginning their project with the collage and then creating the actual butterfly later or beginning with the butterfly and working towards the collage.  Trust me, a lot was happening in the Art Room!    The entire project took 3-4 weeks to complete.  As students would say they were finished we would look at the collage and talk about the stages represented.  Were ALL the stages represented?  What could be added?  The caterpillar was a challenge for most!  Many of the students went back to the books to discover what the caterpillar looked like (colors).  They also took a peek to see what color the milkweed should be.

The resulting collages are amazing!  A favorite touch on some?  The use of wax paper to create a translucent chrysalis.

2nd grade:








4th grade:









Global Monarch Awareness Project, pt 1

I just finished the BEST project ever with my Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grades!  We took part in the Global Monarch Awareness Project.  This project was started to bring awareness to the plight of the Monarch Butterfly. Their habitat is diminishing, and butterflies are disappearing.  The students learned that the Monarch is in danger of being added to the Endangered Species list.  Through reading books and working through the life cycle stages of the Monarch butterfly, the students became aware of the plants needed to keep Monarchs off the list.
Below are the projects my students created.  Kindergarten began with a dot-to-dot activity that became the wings and body of each butterfly.
After connecting the dots with a crayon, students traced the lines with paint in a squeezy bottle.  The paper was folded in half, rubbed, and opened to reveal the butterfly image.  
These were set aside to dry.  Next class, we talked about butterfly wings and symmetry.  Students used black Sharpie to add "veins" or "cells" to the wings. 

Once that was complete, they could add white dots using Qtips to the edges.  Some students really got into the dot designs!

The final step (3rd class) was to carefully cut out the butterfly.  this allowed me to see who is comfortable with scissor skills and who may need a little help.  I can't leave any of these beauties out, so here are all of the Kindergarten butterflies.  They are currently "flying" around on my bulletin board and will "fly" home soon.







Next up: 2nd-grade Monarch Life cycle collages

NEW THIS YEAR: Artsonia An online portfolio & fundraising tool Parents,  Be sure to go online to